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Established in 2011, The Lighting Guild is a community based organisation set up to improve on the application and design of LED luminaires. Our primary focus remains dedicated to the development of new luminaries specifically designed to suit emerging LED technology.

Working closely with lighting engineers, specifiers, architects and interior designers, we offer a personalised service encompassing all aspects of lighting design and manufacture.

With an emphasis on the quality of light emitted from a light fixture, our hand picked range of LED luminaires are not only designed to enhance the visual impact of heritage and modern architecture but also to improve habitation within these spaces.

An overview of our services is outlined below. For further information please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may assist you with your latest project requirements.

Technical Assistance

With the industry continually being flooded with new LED technology , The Lighting Guild provide a personalised technical support service to our entire range of clients from electricians to architects. With the vast range of LED dimming protocols and new LED chips and drivers available in our market, specifying the lighting and dimming control at the onset of a project design can significantly reduce time delays and the high costs associated with last minute changes on a lighting design.

Specification Service

The Lighting Guild offer a complete range of lighting products specifically chosen to assist architects, lighting engineers and interior designers with the correct tools to illuminate all forms of architecture from modern multi-residential high rises to our heritage buildings. We can readily adopt the majority of our lighting products to suit a specific project and also source fixtures to accommodate all budgets and leadtimes.

Aged Care

With an aging population it is no surprise that our aged care industry requires some immediate attention in order to make the facilities healthier and happier places to live. The Lighting Guild specialises in the design and specification of both aged care hostels and retirement villages. The latest research into the affects of lighting in Aged Care, among other areas, has significantly changed the way these facilities are being illuminated to promote the well being and happiness of their residents.


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